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Advanced Cryogenic temperature sensors & thermometry

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Carbon Ceramic Cryogenic Thermometers

CCS Cryogenis ThermometerTemati are the world wide distributors of carbon-ceramic cryogenic temperature sensors with applications in all areas of cryogenic thermometry. They were first developed in 1976 from the latest generation of optimised tvo sensors. Tens of thousands of sensors have been successfully applied to a diverse range of applications by ccs users world-wide.

CCS sensors offer superior mechanical, thermal and environmental performance when compared to many of the leading cryogenic sensors available.

They offer excellent performance and stability characteristics in the harshest environments – coping well with magnetic fields, high dose radiation, large mechanical forces and vibration. They are very robust and offer excellent long term stability with drift having been measured at less than 1mK per year over 20 years

There is very little self heating as their many thermal sensing Carbon elements are informally embedded into the thermal conducting body and well heat sinked. They are thermally very responsive as their relatively large ceramic body has low thermal capacitance and absorbs and transmits heat faster than normal sensors.

CCS temperature sensors are available calibrated and un-calibrated to suit the desired measurement accuracy in the temperature range 1.5-375K.

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