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Advanced Cryogenic temperature sensors & thermometry

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Carbon Ceramic Temperature Sensors Characteristics

Carbon Ceramic temperature sensors adhere to a single resistance vs. temperature curve and are suitable for measurements in the range 1-375K in cryogenic systems

Sensors are manufactured under the most stringent quality control and demonstrate long-term stability under conditions of strong magnetic field, neutron-gamma irradiation, thermal cycling and mechanical durability.


  • Carbon-ceramic matrix construction
  • glass-coated hermetically sealed 2mmx8mmx1mm deep
  • can be used in gas, vacuum, liquids & solids
  • selected sensors thermally conditioned with 50 thermal cycles over 3 months
  • calibrated sensors measured 12+ points with polynomial fit provided
  • non-oxidising alloy leads are bendable & withstand normal soldering
  • 2 wires standard with 3 & 4 wire options available
  • relatively simple to effectively thermal anchor
  • advice provided on optimum mounting for your conditions

Thermal Anchoring Carbon Ceramic Thermometers

CCS cryogenic sensor mountingOwing to the relative simplicity of the thermal anchor and mounting method, no special skills or techniques are required to effectively employ CCS sensors in a real system and accuracy to within 01K or better is easily achievable. This allows the sensors to be used as industrial technology for use in serial production of commercial systems with a level of performance suitable for the most demanding of applications.

CCS sensor users are provided with application notes describing optimal methods of fixing for a variety of situations. To aid application, CCS sensors can be supplied in three forms:

  • CCS sensor only
  • CCS sensor mounted to an EQUITHERM thermal pad
  • CCS sensor + EQUITHERM + Manganese wiring (4 wire system)

The benefits of using EQUITHERM pads with CCS sensors include reduced risk from damage during fitting (we mount the CCS sensor and check at RT & 77K) and simplified fitting to the cryostat or magnet assembly. Also, EQUITHERM pads practically remove all self heating losses.

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